Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Rainy Night (Story)

As the Title shows it happened with me on a rainy night, I was alone
in my flat in Baroda, so was my neighbor in her flat. She was a good-
looking girl married to my neighbor. Although Dr Avinash, her hubby
was two years older then me, she was a year younger then me, I
called her "Binita Bhabhi". We used to talk a lot, since we are of
the same age. Sometimes even Doctor sahab too joined our discussions
on various topics. She got both Mother and Father in law. Dr.
avinash is working at a dispensary of Narmada Project, so he has to
go out of Baroda, so often. I must confess here that I liked Binita
so much, but I was helpless. But my luck was not as helpless as me;
It did give me a chance on that, "Rainy Night".

Binita's "in-laws" both were out of station for their social visit
to their native, which is in Rajasthan. When I came back from my job
it was raining, I was wet all over, when I was opening the door of
my home, she suddenly appeared from her house, and said, it would be
better if I clean my self with the towel and during that time she
will make a "Masalawali Chai" for me. So without any argue I went
into my home and cleaned myself. I wore a "Kurta-Pajama" , which is
my daily casual dress and went to her house.

She was in her yellowish dress, and looking beautiful as usual. I
asked her what she intended to do that night, as she was alone.

"Main aap ke ghar aa jaoongi", she replied with a naughty smile. But
I felt as if I was in a wrong path. She forced me to have dinner
with her at her flat. As it was raining so heavily, I agreed to dine
with her. So we had a great dinner and I returned back to my flat.

It was mid night and I was watching a blue film which was shown by
my 'cable wallah', and off course I was feeling horny. But as usual
I was helpless. My wife had gone to her maika for fifteen days and I
was all alone. But as I told you earlier, my luck was not that
dumb.......there was a knock at my door. Well I thought there might
be some relative of mine who could have arrived by some late train
or bus. But I was pretty surprised to see Binita on the door step. I
opened the door and the safety grill and asked her what happened?

She replied, "Mujhe bijli se dar lagta hai.... aur aaj yeh naa jaane
kyon jor jorse kadakti hi jaa rahi hai... mujhe bahut darr lag raha
hai, aap ke yahan light jalti dekhi to socha aap jag rahe honge
isiliye main yahan aa gayi. Kya main yaha ruk sakti hoon?"

Well without thinking any thing I took her inside and give her an
armchair. She really felt secure in that. I was feeling sleepy and
she immediately recognized that, so she asked me, "Neend aa rahi hai

I nodded.

"theek hai mai wapas ghar jati hoon." Saying this she got up to go
home. Suddenly there was a great thunder and rushed to my arms.

"Somesh mujhe dar lag raha hai" she was shivering.

"theek hai theek hai yahin par ruk jao raat ko"

"lekin log kya kahenge? Doctor sahab ko pata chal gaya to?" she
looked at me.

"kaun jayega batane. Tum bataogi kya?"

she looked at my face and nodded saying no.

"to fir unhe pata kaise lagega. Tum bekar ki chinta mat karo."

So she said, "Ok. Aap apne room mein so jaiye, main doosre room mein
so jaati hoon.

So I said ok and wished her a "good night". Then I turned around and
asked her, "Baad mein darr laga to?"

She replied with a smile again, "To main aap ke paas aakar so

This time I also replied with a smile and went to my room.

As I told you I was already feeling horny watching that Blue film
and Binita acted as fuel to my excitement. I was not in my control,
so I started masturbating. I unbuttoned my 'Kurta' and when I was
about to take my Lund out I heard a sound nearby. I quickly put my
Lund back and turned my head to look at the door. I found Neela
standing near the door. I felt shivers running through my body, but
I controlled my emotions and asked her, "Kya hoova? Kuchh chahiye?"

She said, "Abhi abhi jo bijlee ki awaaz aayi aap ne sooni?"

I said, "Haa kyoon? Darr laga kya?"

She just nodded her head.

So I said, "Bahut jyaada darr lag raha hai?"

She said, "Kya main yahan par so sakti hoon?"

Well I had no other way but to agree.

So here I was sleeping with a young lady and not my wife, for the
first time in my life on the same bed. I was feeling horny and I
couldn't control myself. I thought of waiting for sometime so that
she gets sleep then I would go to the other bed room and continue
the masturbation. So I waited for her to fall asleep. My mindwas
swarming with the scenes from that blue film. My Lund was also
feeling the heat too. Suddenly I felt Binita's hand on my shoulder,
I was......; well I don't have a word to explain.

I turned my whole body towards her and looked, she was looking at me
too. Suddenly there was a sound of big thunder, she embarrassed me
suddenly by pressing her body to mine. I couldn't escape from her
hands. I wasn't giving her any response. I thought she might feel
embarrassed by my indifference to her advances, but she started to
kiss my neck. My lund started getting erect and started touching her
private parts. I asked her what happened.

She said, "Mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya hai. I love you Tarun."

"Lekin... tum to shaadi-shuda ho," I said.

"Yes," She replied, "Lekin Dr. Avinash kewal naam ka hi pati hai
mera. Shaayad namard. Maloom nahi usne kyon shaadi ki. Din bhar bus
clinic aur patients. Use khyal hi nahi rahta ki uski bhi koi family
hai. Koi ghar par uska bhi intezaar kar raha hai. Tumhe tajjub ho
sakta hai lekin Dr. Avinash ko shayad yeh bhi nahi maloom ki marad
apne aang se peshaab ke alawa aur bhi kuchh kaam karta hai."

"Achchha! To tum ek shaadi-shuda kunwari ho. Aur main bhi ek

So I took her lips in my mouth and started sucking them. Ooooh they
were so soft so tender and a sweet aura engulfed them. It was a nice
feeling for me, because it was my first 'Chumban'. My hands were
feeling her boobs and I was really getting hot. I was about to make
love to a woman with whom I used to have sex in my fantassies. She
was the girl of my dream. I used to watch her from behind the

Then she asked me to lie on my back so I did the same. She
unbuttoned my Kurta and she started to put her finger in my hairy
chest and said, "Mujhe yehi chaiye tha, Dr. Avinash ki chhaati pe
koyi baal hi nahin hai, aap jab bhi Kurta pahente ho mein aap ki
chhaati ke baal hi dekhti rehti hoon." She started kissing my chest
moving her lips softly over over the hairs. She started nibbling my
nipples. She darted her tongue and tweaked the nipples who were
already getting erect.

I let her do that because I was enjoying that too. Then I unbuttoned
her nighty, and here she was without bra or panties!! I think she
has decided what she is going to do if I permit her to enter my

I asked her to get rid of her nighty and I too got rid of my Kurta
and pajama and my underpants too. Let me tell you I haven't got a
great body and a big Lund but I am not ashamed of it. I do have
something which pleased my Binita, I have got hairs all over my body.

And when she saw that, she said with amusement, "Maine to sirf
chhati ke baal dekhe the lekin aapke to har jagah baal hai!! Oh
Tarun tum mujhe pehele kyoon nahi miley, main tumse hi shaadi kar
leti" and she started to kiss my whole body.

And then it was a turn of my Lund to get a kiss from her. She kissed
it passionately and I was on the seventh heaven. I started to
squeeze her boobs and she was moaning loudly. I had her one nipple
in my mouth and my other hand was busy squeezing her left boob, she
was saying, "Oh Tarun! Jor se dabao! Maslo inhe! Tumhare hotho ko
tarash rahe hai ye. Chooso inhe! Mujhe apni bahon mein lekar eke k
haddi tod kar rakh do. Mere sare angon ko nocho khasoto."

Then I started kissing her passionately. I put my tongue in her
mouth, later she told me that she had never been kissed that way.
Then she came on top of me I was laying on my stomach and she
started kissing my hairs on my back. She also put her teeth and I
got that enjoyable pain of love bites. Then I found her juices
coming out of her Choot so I just went down and started licking her
Choot, she was moaning like a bitch in heat.

Then it was time for the ultimate thing, "The Chudai".

She touched my Lund and it got erect straight away, and I buried it
gently into her Choot and started kissing her at the same time I was
squeezing her boobs too. I also started pushing my Lund harder in
her Choot she was moaning and I was fucking her with long strokes.
With every stroke I would pull my shaft all the way out of her
cranny and then bury it back into her hole. I wanted it to go down
as deep as possible and she was enjoying too. She was pressing
herself harder and harder to me. She was also pinching my hairs on
my back. Her hands were vigorously moving here and there on my back
some times it also did squeeze my ass. After say 20 minutes of
fucking I filled her Choot with my hot cum. it happened so sudden
that I haven't got time to go for a condom. But she did not object
getting my seed in her fertile womb. We got apart and it was a great
feeling for me, having sex for the first time. It was not the same
for her even then she felt as if she had just received her first

We again kissed each other passionately and we had sex thrice on
that night, next day was a Sunday so we had a whole day to enjoy.
And we did enjoy that Sunday too.

After, we had sex thrice that night obviously we got tired and had a
very good night's sleep. We got up around 10 in the morning, well at
least Binita got up at 10, and she woke me up with a unique way. I
was sleeping on my tummy and as I told you I'm full of hairs on my
body and Binita was crazy for that, so inorder to wake me up, she
started to kissing my hairy shoulders. She not only kissed them but
she played with her tongue too and due to this I suddenly got a huge
erection of my nice little Mr. Lund. I turned around and gave her a
big kiss pushing her tongue with my tongue. I coated every corner of
her mouth with my saliva.
after that short and staemy session of kissing, she said, "Chalo
brush karo, baas aa rahi hai mooh se..."

We both laugh and I went naked to the wash basin. When I was
brushing my teeth, Binita came behind me and started playing with my
ass. She extended her hands to move over my cum filled sacks and
after roaming there for some time her hands moved ahade and caught
my Lund. She was kissing and biting my back and my ass chicks. I
certainly enjoyed that. When her turn came I also played with her
ass chicks and her Choot from behind, not only that I also played
with her beautiful boobs too.

Then she made a wonderful masala-wali Chai. She sat on my Lund and
we both had our tea. Now it was time to take bath. we had a real
erotic bath. I asked her whether she would like having a shower with
me. You all can't imagine the answer, she told me that, she always
fantasied me whenever she used to have bath. she was dying for this
moment. She was really eager to make her fantassy come true. So I
took her in my arms and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead and
lead her towards my bathroom.

I started the shower and she went below the shower side first. Her
body became wet. She started rubbing her boobs and the started
pinching her nipples. In no time they became erect like two darts.

She invited me, "Tarun, jaldi aajao, yeh paani to aur jalaa raha hai
mere badan me. jaldi kuchh karo nahi to ye aag mujhe jala kar rakh
dega. oooooohhhhh"

I was waiting for some invitation from her side. I jumped in to the
shower beside her. I put my hands around her and started kissing her
whole face. I was biting and chewing her lips.I collected some water
in my mouth and spilled it on her face. She started laughing. she
did the same to me. I kissed her and forced my tongue to enter her
mouth. my hands were gliding all over her wet body.

oh she started feeling my tongue with hers. I started rubbing and
pinching her her ass chicks. She pressed her vaginal mound to my
erect lund. I too started to pressing her ass to my body, with my
hands. It gave Binita all the excitement she needed. She put her one
hand on my Lund and started masturbating. I liked that but I did not
want to get discharged during the foreplay so I stopped her.

I now started kissing her gori-gori neck and I also explored it with
my tongue. water droplets were moving over her fair skin like dew
over marble. I collected some of these water droplets which were
falling from her face and moving down towards the lower parts of her
body in my palms and poured them again over her face. I placed my
lips just below her one of her nipples and drank the water rolling
down after kissing her milk buds. I then started to sucking her left
boob with my hand on her right one, which was pressing it very

I sucked her nipples very smoothly and she was moaning, "Oh Tarun,
chooso aur jor se chooso, kha jaao, mein uff tak nahi
karoongi.aaaaaaaaaa ahhhhh Taruuuuuuun nahhhhiiiiiiiii inhe dant se
mat kuredo. mere jism me bijli si daud rahi hai."

I did not listen her pleas and bit oneof her boob hard with my
teeth. This time shedid not ask to stop biting, rather she
moaned, "aiigghhh, Tarun aur jor se....mmmmmm. ....mmmmm"

I continued my journey downwards, I stopped at her belly button and
my tongue explored that too. She got more excited, she pressed my
head with all the force she had so that I don't pull out my tongue
out of her belly button, but who wanted to, I was enjoying that!!

Then I went down towards her Choot, her neatly trimmed black pubic
hairs were wet and looking more sexier. I kissed them vigorously.
She again caught my head with her hands and pushed it hard towards
her vaginal mound. I found m head squeezed between her thighs. I
took out my dripping tongue and pushed it inside he choot. it was
already leaking precum. It smelled sweet. Water droplets were
getting broken on her pubic hairs and a misty atmosphere engulfed
het love hole. I started drawing out her precum from her pitcher and
started slurping it down to my stomach. she was jerking her head
with excitement.

She whispered to me, "Tarun, Ab nahi raha jaa raha hai. Apna Lund
daal do meri Choot mein aur kas-kas kar chodo mujhe."

i did not obey her cpommand. she was trying to push my head from her
cunt. But then suddenly she changed her mind. She asked me to stand
straight in to the shower. She dropped to her knees. My cock was
just a few inches from her mouth. She looked in my eyes as if asking
my permission to take my lund in her mouth. I placed my hand over
her head and pushed towards my lund. She opened her mouth took my
Lund in her mouth. She kissed it like hell and some time she also
put her tongue on top of my Lund.

Oh my god what an heavenly experience I was enjoying!!

We stopped bathing and then she put a towel around her boobs. I too
put a towel on my waist. We both wiped our bodies and then again
started kissing each other. I went down to kiss her thighs, her
beautiful slim legs, which were without any hairs. They were looking
milkier then before. She asked me to fuck her hard, so I took her in
my arms and went to the bed I placed her naked body on the bed. She
pulled me towards her and then spread her legs. There was again that
Choot with only few pubic hairs, inviting me. My Lund was already
erect and it was begging me to enter her Choot. After that erotic
shower, precum was just oozing out of her love pitcher. She was so
hot she could not hide her feelings from me. My lund was also
erupting some precum from the hole at the top. Binita took few drops
of my precum in her fingers and took them to her mouth. She licked
her fingers smeared with my cum with her tongue. Seenig this I
burried my whole Lund at one stroke. (I told you before I don't have
that big Lund, which every body seems to take prouder of, but who
cares, right?)

She said, "Oh Taruuuun�..mmmmmm My love, fuck meeeeeee hard, andar
tak ghusa kar jorke dhakke lagaooooo... han han han�. aur tez aur
jor se... ummm ..haan aise ooooooohhhh kiss meeeeeee jaaaaaaan, mere
boobs dabao jaaaaaaaaaaan ... bahut pareshan kar rahe hain mujhe ...
haan bas aise hi ... I like that Tarun... Bada maza aa raha hai."

She was also pinching my hairs on my back and shoulders. She started
to kiss my chest hairs because now she was on top of me and I was
pressing her boobs she was pinching my chest hairs so hard that I
was getting pain from hell, but at the same time I was too pressing
her boobs harder. After few minutes we both cum and with all smiles
we kissed each other and continued to press and feel each others
body parts for at least half en hour or so.

Love With Saali

Hi. This story is dedicated to all Jijas who love their saalis. I was
in love with my beautiful wife's beautiful sister. Her name is
Mradula. Eevn though I loved her a lot even before my marriage to her
elder sister, I dint get the courage to tell her. She didn't attend my
marriage due to her exams and I was happy.

After 4-5 years she too got married and was living with her husband
and in laws in Mumbai. I had shifted myself with my family to gulf.
Even I didn't attend her marriage as I had booked my first flight to
gulf just few days before her marriage. I could not tolerate her

marrying someone else.Days and years passed. She was blessed with a son after 4-5 years of
marriage. We used to visit her whenever we visited India during
vacation. I used to give her expensive gifts and appreciated her from
a distance.After another few years passed by, I had to relocate my family back to
India due to children education and I was now staying alone in gulf. I
didn't forget my first love and always dreaming about her. During one
of visit to Mumbai I was alone and called her from airport. She
invited me for lunch as usual. I reached her home at 1 pm. Her son had
already gone to school and her Mother in law (MIL) was with her. After
freely talking to both of them, we all got up. Her MIL proceeded
towards the kitchen to prepare lunch. My saali asked me to changeover
to casuals. She went inside the bedroom to give me dhoti to wear and I
followed her. When she was handing over the dhoti to me, we were very
close to each other. I don't know what happened to me. I immediately
hugged her and tried to kiss her. She covered her boobs with her hands
crossed and was trying to avoid my kiss. I was hugging her tightly. At
the end I succeeded in kissing her on her forehead and left her. She
smilingly rushed to the kitchen to help her MIL. After changeover to
dhoti I came out and sat in the hall watching TV. I could see her from
back. She was very silent and dint even talk to her MIL. I could
understand the feelings going on in her mind.

After about half an hour she served me food and when I was almost
thru, both of them sat in front of me for food. Now she was back to
normal and was talking to me. Since I had traveled the previous night,
I wanted to take a small nap. As agreed with them earlier, since I
wanted to buy a flat, my Sali was to accompany me to the building
under construction in their complex and the nearby complex. I asked
her to wake me up at 4 pm and slept.
At 4 pm she woke me up and after freshening I had tea prepared by her.
She was also ready. We both bid good bye to her MIL and entered the
lift. We were coming down from her 5th floor flat to ground at 415pm.
In the lift I looked at her and smiled. She too returned the smile. I
held her hand in my hand and gently pressed it and she too did the
same. I hugged and kissed her directly on the lips inside the lift and
she didn't mind it. I was in the heaven. As we were approaching ground
floor, I told her that I want to see her building terrace and
surrounding views from 21st floor. She understood my intentions and
agreed. I pressed 20th floor and the lift started moving up slowly. I
pulled her up, hugged and started kissing her again. She too returned
my gesture. We both were kissing each other in the moving lift. I
slowly removed one of my hand and started moving it towards her boobs.
She just smiled and dint stop me. I reached her right boob and started
slowly caressing it while kissing her. Then I started slowly
increasing the pressure on my hand and started squeezing her boob very
hard. She liked it and enjoyed it. When we reached 20th floor, we got
out of the lift, hand in hand and she took me to the terrace. She knew
that 20th floor flats were taken by a company as their guest house and
the visitors used to come late in the night and during day time no one
would be there. Hugging and kissing each other we came to the terrace.
I was making intense love to her and she responded very much. Now I
was enjoying her both big boobs while kissing her lips from back side.
My body was pushing her rather big ass. I wanted to suck her nipple
and started unbuttoning her top and bra from back. She was not in a
position to stop and kept quite. I just slid her top garments and got
full exposure of her very big boobs. I started encircling her nipples
(fully erect by now) with my tongue and teasing her. She pressed my
head on to her boobs very hard and I kissed her valley. Then I started
sucking her boobs and stated pressing it very hard. She dint stop me.
Now I wanted to finger her at her golden hole. When my hand was
approaching her thighs she understood my intentions and removed my
hand. I tried again and during my third attempt I succeeded. I was
fingering her from outside while sucking her boobs heavily. She was
breathing heavily. Without her knowledge her hand was on my fully
erected rod and she was just feeling the size and smiling. Then I
slowly slide my hand in to her bottom garment to approach her cunt
directly. She didn't oppose and I was fingering her wet cunt. I
unzipped my pant and removed my 7" dick and gave it in her hand. She
was astonished to see the size. She could not properly hold it and it
was slipping from her hand. Now the position was very erotic. Lips
tied, one hand on boob and other fingering her, her hands playing with
my dick. We both were in 7th heaven. After sometimes she alerted me
and we both decided to have a intimate love session in future. While
kissing her, she wore her dress and we came back to the lift. While
traveling down, we were more close to each other, kissing and freely
playing with her boobs.

After seeing the building under construction, with a promise to have a
good love session as soon as possible we departed.

After bidding goodbye to my lovely saali, I went to see other
buildings/flats and boked one in Bhandup on LBS. I was to get the
possession in 18 months time.

For the next 2-3 visits I could not meet her and only exchanged
pleasantries over phone. She was also scared since her MIL was always
there in the house. In last December, I stayed back in Mumbai for 2-3
days to take possession of my new flat at Vikhroli. After obtaining my
flat key, I called her and she invited me to her house for lunch. When
I reached her home at 1230 noon, she was just waiting for me. She was
looking as beautiful as ever with sparkle in her eyes. Her MIL was
also there. As a customary I invited both of them to come and see my
new flat and praying in my mind that her MIL would back out. As
expected her MIL being old, coolly denied my offer and asked my saali
to accompany me. Suppressing our happiness we both just agreed. Since
the son had gone to school, her MIL asked her to be back by 530 pm. We
both agreed and left her home at 2pm. As earlier, in the lift itself
we started kissing. She was looking gorgeous in her dark blue colored
saree. She had loosely tied her bra and I could see her melons tilting
while walking. My heart started pounding heavily and she was just
smiling. In the lift I kissed and squeezed her boobs. Then we got in
to a taxi. Inside the taxi, I was holding her hand and slowly trying
to approach her thighs. We reached vikhroli within 15 minutes. We got
down in front of the building and moved to the lift. My new flat was
on 10th floor. As usual when the lift started moving up, my saali was
in my arms, passionately kissing each other we reached 10th floor. I
opened the flat door. Once we are inside, I locked it from inside. I
started showing her the flat starting from hall, kitchen, children bed
room, study room and then bought her to master bed room. I had already
installed a double cot and expensive mattress in the master bed room.
Once inside the bed room, I just hugged her, kissed her and started
undressing her. There was no resistance whatsoever. We both knew that
its now or never. As I removed her blouse, and bra she started
removing my shirt and banyan. We both are now half naked. I hugged her
and started sucking her melons as if I have never seen it before.
removed my trouser and both of now are in only once piece. I just
lifted her in my arms and brought her to the cot and laid her down. My
ever loving beautiful goddess of love was naked in front of me. I just
kept looking at her naked body and started kissing her from top to
bottom. Encircled her nipples with my tongue and passionately kissed
her for quite a long time. Then slowly I was removing her panty. She
covered her face with both hands. After removing her panty I opened
her legs wide and had a close look at her Cunt. It was already wet. I
planted a kiss on her clitoris and started sucking her vagainal lips.
She was shivering but still covering her face. Then I slowly removed
her hand and looking directly in to her eyes. She was trembling with
desire. She was looking for my lund which was struggling to come out
in my innerwear. She was not able to control it. She
had never seen 7" long and 2" strong lund in her life time. I was
making deep love to her and kissing her allover. She started begging
for my lund in her cunt. I pitted her and obliged her. She was holding
my lund and directing it to her love hole. Her cunt was already wet
and well lubricated. My manhood was roaring to go inside. She widened
her cunt and inserted my lund in her cunt. I started slowly pushing it
inside. After several jerks, it was slowly going inside. Once it was
half way thru, she released her hand.

  I was kissing her like mad and
squeezing her boobs and simultaneously pushing my hard cock inside
her. She was crying with pleasure and started making moaning sounds
which was ringing bells in my ears. She told me she too loved me and
wanted me to make deep love right from her graduation days. Once my
lund was fully inside her, she was feeling great pain, I gave her some
breathing time. We kissed each other and I sucked her melons in
between. She was hugging me and whispering moans in my ear. Both of us
were mad in love. Once her pain subsidized she encouraged me to fuck
her hard. I removed and inserted my lund slowly and then started
increasing the speed. Now her pain and all was vanished. She cummed
before once when I was fully inside her and cummed again when I
started fucking her. As my speed increased I was also getting ready to
cum. We both cummed together deep in her cunt. Hugging each other,
with my lund still hot in her cunt we slept.

Two hours passed just like that. She went to the bath room, freshened
herself and started wearing dress. We both had the full satisfaction
and surrendered fully ourselves to each other. I then drove her back
to her house. We were right in time before her son came from school.
Her MIL appreciated us for keeping time. I just looked deep in to my
lovely saali. She was just smiling. Since then whenever we get a
chance, we used to make passionate love.

After Honemoon (Story)

I am 35/28/36 and I am 5.7" and Sonny is 5.10" very fit with just under 6" lund

Sonny is just normal size. Which is good for me, he know how to use it. We came
back from honeymoon, stayed at his parent's home for couple of days. Sonny had
his own apartment, so we went there. Just the two of us. I have to learn the
western cooking because Sonny like western food, it was hard for me to get used
to that food. You know grew up in Punjab there we eat Roti and Dal. But I slowly
got use to it. Sonny put me in school to learn English, I am still learning.
English is very hard to learn. I am sure lot of you fined lot of mistake I am
making in writing this. I thank you for understanding. The people in school were
very nice and Sonny's friends white guys and girls were very nice too. Sonny
took me to his office and we visit their homes. After about 6 moths, Sonny got a
transfer offer to move to bigger city about 3 hours away. I did not want to
move, but Sonny said it is good thing that I have the offer, I can move up in
job and get more money and more respect. I said but away from parents, it is not
good. Sonny: yes moving away is may not be good but we can have more fun when we
are away by our self. I said how. Sonny, you will find out later. So we moved to
other city.

There again I started to go to school to learn. The new people we met were nicer
too. Made few new friends. Sonny started taking me to dancing in the clubs.
There all the people were white. They all like me very much. They like me in
sari, sulwar. I was being asked to dance with them. First it was strange. It is
not like dance in Punjab, Gida or bhangra. This was close holding each other
very close, First I was staying bit away from the guys. Sonny said it ok to get
close to them. They will not bite me, unless I want it.

Guys were holding close to them and some of them were grinding their front on my
front. I felt their lump on me while they danced with me. When dance finish I
could see the bulge in their pants. Sonny said I am doing fine just relax. We
use to go Saturday night for dinner and dance. I asked Sonny if he is jealous of
me dancing with guys so close to me. He said he enjoy watching me making them
hard. They all like the way you move on the floor. He encourage me to relax more
and enjoy my self. Which I started to enjoy Just the dance. (I was not telling
Sonny how much I enjoy their bulge pushing in me)

One day at home when we were making love. Sonny asked me if I enjoy dancing with
guys. I said sure I enjoy. Do you feel their lunn pushing in you? I said u r bad
man, how can you say that to your wife. Sonny said he don't mind, wanted to know
if I fantasies about any one. I said what you mean? Do you like to make love
with any one of them? I said I can't do that I love you you're my husband. You
are the only one who I want to make love to. Sonny said but just fantasy in your
mind that's all, you don't have to do it .Don't you get curious as to how Jim's
dick will feel in you? I did not say any thing but started to hold him tight in
my arms and legs. He said he got the message. He started to move faster and
asked me to call him Jim not Sonny. I started calling him Jim. Jim please fuck
me, said sonny to me say it. I started to say that closed my eyes and imagine
that Jim is fucking me I started to call Jim come on fuck faster and faster.
Chodo is Punjabi ladki nu maro meri choot jor jor say. I see Sonny was fucking
me harder and harder, he was getting very excited that some other guy is fucking
me. We fucked for 15 minutes like this calling other guys names too. I could not
believe that Sonny enjoy more then me that his friend is fucking me. After we
cum and relax.

We talked about it. Sonny said I enjoy this acting, Bholy you are very good
acting. I said it is only acting that's all. I don't understand how husband can
enjoy watching his wife with another man getting fucked. In Punjab husband will
kill wife and the guy. Acting is ok. Sonny: here in west it is not a big deal
people do that for fun. What kind of fun it is watching wife get fucked. (in my
mind I was hoping he would ask me to do it). I said would you watch me do it, it
won't bother you? Sonny: No it won't bother me at all. I know you love me and I
love you. It is only for fun. If you like I can ask Jim to join one day. How can
you ask me that, u naughty boy, I wont like that? It is up to you Sonny said; I
know you like to get fucked by Jim. Am I right? I just lower my eyes. I said
what you will do while he is fucking me. Sonny said he will masturbate. I did
not say yes or no but he took it yes. Next day Sonny asked me who do I like
more. I said what u mean? You want Jim or. I said If you really want then get
Joe, he is nice and I could feel him that he is bigger then most guys. Ok Sonny
said, On Friday night it will be. Sonny ask me to wear black sari for Joe He
like black sari on you... Sonny came home about 5pm. He said Joe will be here at
6pm. At 6pm Joe was at our apt. He looked very handsome slim tall white man. He
was 26 6' tall He had tight pants on I could see his dick through his pants. He
kissed me on my cheek. We sat for drink.

After few drinks I served dinner to them we 3 of us had dinner. Joe compliment
me on my cooking. Then we went to living room and Sonny put the TV on. Sonny got
me sit in between them. One side Sonny and the other side Joe. Sonny turned the
DVD on it was porn of 3some. Sonny started to kiss me and Joe also put his arm
around me, his hands were on my boobs. Sonny kissing and Joe massaging my boobs
It was too much for me. I was just melting. Sonny stop kissing and now Joe
started to kiss me with his tongue in my mouth mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sonny started to
take off my sari and blouse off My boobs sprang out, Sonny got one in his mouth
and Joe had my other one in his mouth. I was moaning ohoohohoohohhhho. Sonny
pulled me on sofa on my back and removed my sari. I did not have petticoat under
it, Sonny told me not to have it. I was naked on sofa I had my eyes closed. It
was difficult for me to see Joe in the eyes. So Sonny started to suck on my
boobs and Joe got between my legs and started to lick my pussy. I was in heaven
I saw things in porn movies but this is was all new to me and I was just melting
away with their touches, I cum once Joe kept on licking my pussy, I was
shivering, He said he like the taste of my cum. Sonny got on top of me and put
his dick in my mouth for sucking, I started to suck it. In the mean time Joe was
all naked and Sonny lifted my legs up and held them apart for Joe to put his
dick in my pussy. Joe moved closer and touched my pussy lips and started to push
it in. It felt big and started to hurt bit.

He pushed it in I said oooooooooooohhhhhhhh I was in pain he was big. He stopped
and let me relax. Then he pushed more and more Finally he had his entire dick in
my pussy. Now he started to move in and out slowly. I was sucking Sonny's dick
and Joe was fucking me, I never in my life though it couple possible for me to
experience it. I thought only in porn. But it was happing to me and I was
enjoying it. Joe fucked me for 10 min, I cum again and Sonny had hic dick in my
mouth and he was holding my legs up. Now I put my legs around Joe and started
pulling him into me Sonny was rubbing my clit and making me Horney. Finally Joe
cum and Sonny filled my mouth at same time. Very exciting... Joe stayed at our
place all night we fucked few times, I enjoyed it each time did in many
positions Joe had 7" dick thick one too it felt real good in my choot. I thanked
both of them to make me happy; they said it was them who should be thanking me.
That was my first 3some. Please men do not offer to fuck me I get enough fucking
I do not need long distance fucking. Just comment be good.

Serving at her Boutique (Femdom story)

Its in continuation to my earlier story about the Lady I met at the marriage. Now I worked under her... yeah virtually under her... lolzzz.
(It includes Female domination and foot worship with some cunnilingus... )My exams were over and I joined the boutique of the Lady, who was overjoyed to have a boy like me as her assistant. I convinced by parents that I wished to live my vacations away from the city and would love to live life on my own….. My dad was too happy to send me out and mom was glad that at least now their son had become matured and responsible towards life…..
At her place my day started at 6 am in the morning by waking her up and making tea for her. After she did her exercises, I would take her feet in my hands while she sat watching morning news or read the news paper. Later she would go for a bath and most of he times I bathed her , cleaning her feet, her arm-pits, back and specifically her anal and vaginal area….. kissing, licking, sucking was a daily chore which was mutually enjoyed by both of us.
After that I washed her under garments and socks that she had worn the day before while she prepared the break-fast…… and then I would iron her today’s clothes. Needless to say that since I was licking her feet, her sandals and erotic spots of her body, her garments never became that dirty… still I enjoyed washing them !!!!!!
We had breakfast together… she would sit in the dinging chair and I sat at floor near her feet, eating what ever she left for me… and most of my food was first blessed with her spit and flavor of her feet was added to each morsel I ate. Many times I drank her piss instead of tea or juice. This was an added advantage for me.
During the day I worked in the boutique and in spare time when there were no customers, I attended to her feet regularly, at each of the opportunity we got.
There are many instances that I shall include in my story in next chapters when we had quite exciting time during the day… times when we were  almost certain of being caught by the customers in the act but escaped by a hair breath ….
Back to my daily routine, in the evening, it was my duty to arrange warm water to wash her feet first and then clean her vaginal and anal area from the day’s work…. While she prepared dinner I was required to make her bed ready for her and each day she had thought of interesting scenes. Most of the times we chatted about how to spend the weekends and to make our daily life as mistress and slave more exciting and enjoyable.
My First day at boutique was quite interesting … the time gap of that wedding night and today was quite long to re-establish that old adventurous intimacy … but still I could not help my eyes from staring her feet, my mouth watered imaging her V area and my tongue moistened my lips more than often…. And for or the other reason I found reasons to bow before her…
Seeing my uncontrolled behavior she kept on smiling and teasing me…. But due to rush of the customers I was not able to have what I cherished…. Harder I tried, excited I became.
One day I was attending to her feet in the back office while Ms. J entered the boutique……The Lady went to the counter and I followed her.Ms. J complained, “ I need some adjustments to be done and a little alterations in the ……” She continued with the details with the Lady over the counter, I slipped in the hollow space in the counter and kissed feet of the Lady.  Now was my time to tease the Lady as she was finding it difficult to control her ecstatic smile of what was going on under the counter while she attended her customer Ms J…..

The Lady kicked me and that I increased my joy….. The lady offered Ms J to be seated and dragged a chair for her on the other side of the counter while she sat on this side of the counter ….. the Lady now place he feet on my mouth and the other one on my shoulders while she maintained a sober face and listened to Ms J… And at each complain Ms J made about the tailoring, she kicked me beneath the counter… getting kicks from the Lady for something that was her mistake only was a great experience as I felt so humiliated and degraded at being punished for things which were her faults in tailoring…. The more Ms J spoke, harder were the pressure she applied on her feet which eventually made some red marks on my face.When Ms J went out, the Lady seemed to be angry, for the first time I saw her in a bad mood… her mind was having mixed feelings, frustration of incomplete foot session, a teasing session by me while she talked to MS J , some worded said by Ms j which still echoed and irked in her mind …. She went into the go-down at the basement and summoned me there…. She made me lie on the floor , fully naked and asked me to keep my hand beneath my buttocks. Now what followed by a mixture of kicks and volley of choicest of abuses …. The best was when she spat on my mouth in anger and pressed my lips by her sandals….. All her anger went thru her abuses ….

As she calmed down, and allowed me to sit, I was horrified to see that Ms J was standing in the door of the back office, and had witnessed the scene…. The Lady too was too perplexed what to do next…. The only remedy we had was to confess everything to her…..

“What was all that.. did you punish the poor boy for your tailoring mistakes….? Demanded Ms J
“No,… actually” Lady could not muster any reply…..

I took the lead and replied , “ The Lady caught me stealing…. So..”

The Lady came to my rescue… “Shut up now… Ms J, we both are in a D?S relationship.. that means..”
“Wow, is that so… great… hey don’t worry about the mistakes I had earlier pointed out… I had returned back to your boutique to cancel the bulk order I had given you for my firm… but saw what you were doing to the boy. You can have that order in our hands if you send this boy to me for the week end. “ Countered Ms J
The Lady looked to me with expectations in her eyes….. I bowed my head and said “I’ll do what ever you command Lady and I am ready to do anything to keep your business running…. Its just a matter of weekend…. “
Ms J was too excited to wait for The Lady to reply…. “So tomorrow at 9 am at my residence….” And she went away without even bothering to listen what the Lady had to say.The Lady was full of gratitude for me…. “Ask anything you wish….”

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fucked by Father in Law

         Dear readers, this is shashi here again who works as a secy and have wild sex with my boss, and here is one of my personal true episodes, I have read so many episodes and yet to read anything similar to what I experienced with my 55 year old father in law.
This happened 4 yrs back when I was 23 years and newly married, other than sex with my hubby I never had any sort of a experience with any other male as we were from a conservative family.
after we got married we came to bangalore and settled here and my father in law visited us for the first time in this house, we were hardly married for 4 months, my mother inlaw had died almost 5 yrs bk and he stay alone in a place called hassan. I was very nervous about his first visit, in the out house room I had made the room ready for him to stay.
next day me my hubby, my father in law and some 3 old ladies who are his relatives left for mysore in a taxi to attend a marriage, the function went on well and we had lot of chat with all relatives and left back for bangalore at 7 pm. in the fron seat driver, my hubby and one old lady say and in the rear 2 more old ladies and my father in law and myself sat,
the two ladies were fully tired and went of to sleep and place was too tight for all of us and my father in law asked me to sit on his lap, which I did hesitatingly, and kept my head on the front seat and slept a bit. after a while I felt something moving on my thighs and woke up,to see that my father in law had kept his hand on my thighs on the pyjamas
what I was wearing and was caressing it, I was too shocked but kept still as if nothing was happening and he further advanced and spread my thighs and was touching my pussy area, one side I was getting scared and other side I was getting aroused sexually, by then we reached half way place and we stopped for some refreshment.
I was standing outside and hubby went to wash room and I was alone with my father in law and he asked whether I felt bad, I replied for what, he said since I touched ur body and private parts, I just stood bending my head, he said I am sorry what todo your mother in law passed away long back and he is still having energy and vigour which made him touch me
and asked if I am ok, bending down my head its ok I said thinking that it will not happen again, but never expected what was coming for the next 1 week. again we started the journey and in no time again my father in law hand was invading my body, he went staright to mt scrotch area, this time he could feel my wettness over my pyjamas and he started to un tie the
lada knot and his hand went inside, I was also exited and spread my thighs apart enough for his fingers to reach my pussy, I was jst bending on the front seat and pretended to sleep and was enjoying his fingering, his left hands were now nicely kneading my breasts and I could feel my nipples getting hard.
the driver was driving and everyone else was half sleepy and my father in law was feasting on me, my pussy was fully wet and his fingers moving in and out was making faint noices, he tpulled his fingers out and put them in his mouth to taste my pussy juices, it was very errotic for me and my hubby had never done anything like this to me,
fingering was continuing for the next 30 mts and I had a wild orgasm and I tightened my thighs, by the time we were approaching bangalore I tied my lada and got ready to get down. we got down at the house and all went for a freshen and had dinner, everyone was tired and waned togot bed as it was almost 11pm,
and my father in law asked me to keep his water boittle in the room and do up the bed, so I went into our out house upstairs and was tiding the bed, suddenly I saw behind my father in law standing close to me, I was really scared, he pulled me towards him and lip locked on to me, I could feel his thick toung trying to enter my mouth
and I opened my mouth and he was filling my mouth with all his saliva, as he kissed me he lifted my nighty till my chest and pushed me on to bed, as I lay there he sread my legs apart and he burried his head into my crotch, this was my first experience someone sucking me, he licked my pussy from top to bottom and he further went down and with his toung
made circles on my ass hole which sent shivers in my body, it was in such pleasure I surrendered fully for his passion, he was really a good lover, he did for almost 15 mts and I could hear my hubby calling out for me, at that time he lifted his head and told me to tell will be down in 10 mts, so my hubby replied that he is going to bed and to lock all the doors.
his face was fully wet with my juice from pussy and he had relished every drop of it, and I had almost 2 orgasms, when he stood up, I saw he had removed his lungi and his cock standing erect, it was a sexy sight to see a hard cock of my 55 year old father in law. as I was watching he came forward holding his cock in one hand and with the other hand pulling my head
towards his cock, in no time his cock was touching my lips and he asked me to suck it, this was my first experience of cock sucking, when I opened my mouth he pushed his hard cock till my throat and started for fuck me, with his pre cum taste my secertion of saliva became more and I could feel my saliva all over his cock,
it just went on for a few minutes I could feel my father in law grunting and loaded his sperms in my mouth, I didnt know what todo, in that exitement I had swallowed half of it, as he removed his cock from my mouth he pushed me flat on the bed and came on top of me and started to kiss and lick his own sperms which was leaking on my cheaks,since my nighty he had lifted I could feel his last drops of cum falling on my thighs,
when I got up he gave a tight hug and thanked me for the sharing, I didnt know what to say I jst left the room in silence. the next day morning I got usual at 6 am had bath and was with my regular work, as hubby had to leave for work by 9 am, I saw father in law coming down at 7 wished me good morning and went abt reading the news paper,
I couldnt get the courage to see eye to eye after what happened last night.my father in law and hubby had break fast at 8.45 and he left for work stating that he will come back only in the night and instructed me to take father in law out to near by shopping mall so that he wont get bored and left.
i went out till the gate with hubby after he left closed the gate and came inside and was latching the door, I could feel my father in law comming from behind and hugging me, I could feel him kissing and sucking my neck passionately from behind, and his hands was caressing my breasts, I could feel that extasy building up again in me,
with his right hand lifted my nighty up and hands reached my crotch and he asked me to spread my legs apart which I did and his hands went inside my panty and started to play with my clitoris, within no time I could feel my pussy getting wet, he removed his hand and took me to my bedroom and lifted of my nighty over my head I was standing in front of him with only my panty,
as knelt he lowered my panty and kissed my pussy and both his hands were cupping my ass from back, as he got up he removed his lungi and both the nude bodies hugged in passion and kissed for a while, he gently pushed me back on bed spread my thighs and fingered my pussy which was dripping wet and came on top of me,
his cock was much thicker and longer than my hubbys, he rubbed hi s cock head on the pussy juice and guided to my hole, inch by inch he entered my body, once he was fully in he gave such long and forcing strokes my pussy wanted it more and more, he had lot of vigour in him he pounded my pussy for almost 20 mts before he loaded his sperms
into my pussy and slept of me licking all my face with his saliva, after his cock became soft he puuled it out and hugged me and we slept, I must have passed out for about 30 mts and with his cock again getting hard near my thighs I woke up, amd he came on top of me again, but this time he took my legs on to his shoulders
and put a pillow under my ass and inserted his cock, this session went on for about 30 mts my pussy was feeling sore with his pounding, but I enjoyed every stroke of his cock, but this time before he could cum he pulled his cock out and leaked out into my mouth and as usuall slept with me licking his own cum,
we saw the time it was almost 2 pm how several hours had passed by couldnt be felt, we got up had bath again together,
the next 5 days my father in law stayed with us were ultimate pleasure time for us, in the coming days he fucked me in different styles and places, and each fuck was better than the other thats all I can say. for all the passion what he had I kept aside our relation ship and enjoyed the sex.                 


Hi I am Sultan I am forty two year old and Pakistani living in England. About twenty years I got married to my cousin from England and come to live in England. As time went by my wife develop some medical problem so she could not get pregnant and I was desperate to get some children, we start fighting with each other. Her family start blaming me of that something is wrong with me. Just to satisfied them I went to doctors and have full checkup but they could not find anything wrong with me, and I shows those papers to my in-laws but they maintained their stance and in the end I had no choice to give my wife a divorce after that I live like bachelor for a while but due to persistent of my family and friends I went to Pakistan to find a woman.

It’s been a nearly fifteen years. I had not been to Pakistan because my wife and her family didn’t like that I keep contact with my family. It was a really very hot and humid when I arrived home all my family was there. My brothers, sisters and my old mom my father passed away long time ago. When we reach our village which is near Rawalpindi it was nearly evening. When I saw the house it make me cry all of my brothers and sister were married and fly away from home only my younger sister Zahida was home and due to her sacrifice. Our mom had roof on the head and food in belly. After two three day dust was settled down and ever thing went back to normal, and then I start noticing my sister she was a tough cookie .

Saturday we went down to Rawalpindi to buys some things for home. Ammi didn’t want to go so my sister came with me. It was quite a experience like my behan Zahida come alive.I noticed her first time she was a fully grown up women now.She had beautifully shape jism with nice medium sized breasts and a very tight ass. Like she has been training but it was not that did I forget to tell that its only five years difference between her and me . After her education she find a job at a woman school nearby city as a teacher and it was her income that was bring bread and butter in our home.I was such a useless son that ever since I went UK I never send any money to my mother. My behan seems so happy coming with me for shopping .

She was getting so close to me that some time our bodies would touch each other and the way she was looking and behaving that people would have though that we are husband and wife, not behan bahi. We bought a TV and then we ate at a restaurant and then we watched a movie togahter. All the time she hold my hand.Though in start I feel uneasy but after a while it feel nice and quite a few time we come to nearly hug each other and tell u the truth it feet nice. I enjoyed it very much before we knew all day went by. Oh….. she spoke”Itni jaldi shamm hoo gaye”. I looked at her her big brown eyes she was smiling and kind of sharem in there.I said” tu kahe too phir sa din kra lattee hain”. she smiled and squezzed my hand come more closed her body heat went through my jism and and her right breast touching my left arm. I tried to put distance but she came more closer it was wonderful but kind of strange as well we took taxi home with all of our things.

She was so excited that she did not let my hand go. We were sitting in the back of the car she sat so close to me like she nearly sitting on my lap. The heat coming from her legs was unbearable.Some time later I don’t know why I pull her closer to me.It was dark in the car and hold her real tight in my arms my arm went around her and I nearly touched her breast. Then I heard driver saying something bring me to my senses “oh my God what I was doing”. she is my sister for God sake but my hand was still around her and touching her breast and in my trouser was a big tent forming and she still cling to me. When we reached home she jumped out of car and went running in like a girl in love. My ammi come out I make driver to unload the things and TV it was quite late when everything settled down I went up on the roof to sleep. I had little net around the palang to save me from mosquitoes I tried to sleep but could not about a yard from me she was sleeping.

Or did she ------- my organ was full in bloom hard as stone I open my dhoti and let the poor guy free I knew I have to jack off to get some sleep I heard some noises coming from where she was sleeping but due to darkness I could not see anything. Sometime time went by and sleep took me over when I wake Zahida was gone to work. It was strange not to see her like I missed something .Day went by slow ammi was busy cleaning and arranging things. Then some distant relative came to visist they had a girl. My ammi wanted me to see her for my shadi but I was not interested in that girl. Zahida come back about four o clock. I was in my room so she came straight looking for me “pasine pasine” and sat beside me” kase hoo bahi” she asked.I looked her and smile she throw her dopatta on charpai and said without waiting for my answer: uff katni garmi ha”. I stared at her mamas they very big and around.She was wearing small kamiz shalwar and she looking very mast jawani.

She traced my eyes at her mamas but did nothing to hide. Her jism sweet smel made me mad all of sudden I garab her in my arms and kiss her on the lips. She almost melted in my arms and did not do anything to escape from my hold. So I got more bold and my hands went around her chotter. I grab them her chooter was around and soft.She start breathing very hard I tried to pull her down on charpaye . I lifted up her qameez and stared at her mommas though they were still covered in brassier. She looked direct in my eyes like a lover and sai “bahiya bohet intazer kraye”.I was stunned so she was waiting for me or this was just a sex starved woman. But i didn’t have time to think she pulled me down to her.

I lay flat on her body pelvis to pelvis and chest to chest hont hontoon per my lund was hard and ready to make a hole in stone. I just open my shalwar and freed my lora .We start kissing she open her legs slightly and my lund went on her choot we were kissing and i was making chodiye movements. My behan Zahida open her legs and I moved one of my hand to her choot.It was wet though she still has shalwar on I managed to put finger in to her hole.It was haven.I was moving my finger on her choot and rubbing her choot’s dana. “Oh hoo oh oh haye oh bhaiya oh bahiye” she was moaning. I removed my finger and guided my lund to her choot my lun’s head went in a little in her pussy hole. I could have fuck her right there and then but then I heard ammi making noises in kitchen and i quickly got up.

Zahida was still lying there with all her glory.Look of disappointment was clearly visible on her face her chotter was still moving slow erotic movement like fucking chodding. She put her hand down to her choot and went moanning “oh oh bahiye oh bahiye bohet intazer kraiye”. oh bahiye mere choot, ohohohoho ----- I was just stunned---- I never experience this kind of passion, her mames heaving up and down---------- it was a site for sour eyes......... Suddenly ammi called her she quickly got up and went out not even looking at me.......... Evening come and went and next two day I went to Lahore for receive my car from custom. I thought it could be two days’ work but it took me nearly whole week to clear the whole paper work. It was a Saturday evening when I reach home about eleven o clock. Since I was so tired myself so I decied to go to my bed right away.
 As I enterd my room and turned the light on. I got shock of my life. There on my bed my behan Zahida was sleeping without doppate and very thin qameez. Her shalwar was on but I could see out line of her choot. Because her qameez was moved up to her pait. I stood there for moment. I don’t know how long but looking at her make me realized she is beautiful. Everything was first class about her. Then I realized I have to go out. I don’t want to destroy this creature which is my sister my own blood what goanna happen to her if we did have this incestuous relationship. I turned around to go out and then I heard “khahn ja raha hoo bahi”. Oh god she was wake all the time ------------ she got up and hold my hand and track me to the bed----------------- and before I knew we both were nangay and my head my buried in her garam choot.

I slowly teased her clit with my tongue but I did not have the SABAR. Before I knew her tangeen were on my shoulder and my lund was in her choot. “Oh oh lala chodde mughe oh bahiya bohet intazer kraiya ha” Mera lund uski choot main chaqoo ki terha ghuss giya or main uski choot ko koo chodna shroo ker diya ander baher ander baher. main na uski gand koo doona hathoon sa paker ker or oper kia or us choodna laga. Bahi ka lund li la”. han da doo lala ye choot tumhare he intazer ker rahe the phar doo mer phuddi lala oh oh’. Zhaida cried :zoor sa lala zoor sa her phuddi was pani pani hoo rahe thi. Main na apna lund uski phuddi sa nikal or use us ki shalwar sa saaf kia our phir zoor ka dhakka sa uski phuddi ma dal diya “Oh yes bahiiiiiiiiiiii” it went on for a while. Then lay on the bed and asked her to come on top I wanted to see mere lund behan ki choot ko kis terha chodta ha.

As she sat on my lun I made her bend towards me and I put her motta muma in my mouth and start choding her. Then I make her bend down in a dogy style.I said “meri jaan Zahida apni bahi ka lund koo chood hilla apni gand koo. Main nay pichay say us ki choot par apna lun rakha aur aik zoor ka dhake neache ki terf mara. Han lala is lund ka tu mughe bohet he intzar tha is motta lund ki liya tu ma shadi nahi ki ya mere ha ya sirf mere phuddi pharre ga uski gand was moving very faster now. I knew I won’t be able to hold out very longer. Oyeeeeeee meri garam behan khool apni phuddi ta kay main use apni sperm sa bher doon. “Han bhaiiiiiii jannnnnn” she screamed. Bher doo mer phuddi bher doo apni behn ki choot phar doo ise mere bachee dani koo apna pani sa bher doo apna gande pani sa apni behn ki bachha dani bher doo.

I quicklly make her stop and make her lie down open her legs as far as they will go and ram my lund with full force in her phuddi hole. Ohhhh oohoh oh she screamed. She pushed her gand upward to take more of my lund in her choot. Meray tatay us ka chooteroon ka upar tharap thrap par rahay thay. My thrust became faster and faster. Ohhhh lala tattay na ander dal dena abhi mere choot acchi terha nahi khulli aaj pheli dafa chudai hai tumari behan.Koie baat nahi main nay kha main iskoo phudda na banyoo to tere bahi nahi and then it hit me. Mera lun jaisay phatnay laga tha and one more thrust and I was comming and so she was---------oh oh she lifted her choot right up and hold it there my lund was in her choot as far it will go and drop drop after drop filled in her womb. She hold my gand in her hands clamp her lags around my back and hold me in to her all the way----

Our orgens were wet like hell. I dont know how long we stayed like that but we did not sleep very much that night. I got to know after wards that ammi was not home.It was good for us beacuse we fucked nearlly whole night and I could not get enough of her. After that time we could not stay away from each other. Every chance we got we nearlly tore each other cloths and bodies. We fucked in the hotels and ayub park or zero point. We were like lovers .she was growing sexy and beautiful every day.Ammi keep showing me girls and I keep rejectting them. One evening when we were waitting for ammi to go to bed she come in to my room and drop the bomshell----------- she was pregnant.

I looked at her face it was sad with worrries and sherm. Idraw her close to me and kiss her on her hont and said no problem we can get married. She pull away and looked at me strange eyes question in her big brown beautifull eyes.......... and then Istart pulling her qameez up and she removed her shalwar. I bend her down and put my ever ready lund in her phuddi and start telling her my plan that how we can be husband and wife and I hought she like my plan. Beacuse her gand start pushing back at me and her choot start making funny nosies which i loved very much chup chup chup. Zahida said “ Bahi tum mere phuddi koo abb phudda bana ker he chorro ga. I grunt and push hard toward her womb.

Next week I told ammi that I am going back to UK and Zahida is going with me. I can find her a good RISHTA and she can sattle there. Ammi was happy coz she was worried with her daughter was over age now and no Rishta was coming for her. So I moved my ammi with one of my bahi’s home and applied a visit visa for Zahida.

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